International Day of Happiness: 8 out of 10 Parents agree its the little things that make them happy.

On International Day of Happiness Wednesday 20 March, new research reveals that it is the little joys of life that hold the greatest potential to spark happiness day-to-day, according to the majority UK parents (87%). Even more so than the elaborate or momentous occasions in life, it is the small details of the everyday that lift our spirits the most, with a morning cuppa (42%), a family movie-night (55%), or goofing around with your kids (48%) revealed to be some of surest ways to bring a smile to your face.

The research was conducted by Capri-Sun to mark its partnership with CLIC Sargent, the UK’s leading support charity for children and young people with cancer. Through initiatives such as the charity’s Home from Homes, CLIC Sargent support children, young-people, and families with the everyday challenges associated with cancer, helping to free up more time for the small, everyday moments of joy to take place. The partnership will see a total of £150,000 donated in total, with 5p raised from every pack of Capri-Sun Original purchased at Morrison’s throughout 2019.

While Welsh parents value the small joys of the day-to-day more than parents in any other region (92%), millennial parents aged 25-34 were the group most likely to appreciate the mood-boosting effects of the little daily joys (89%) compared to any other generations.

Interestingly, receiving a simple hug is twice as likely to make you smile during a hard time, compared to someone offering to do you an elaborate favour (30% vs 15%), and a good old fashioned chinwag with your loved ones will positively affect the way you feel, such as chatting one-on-one with a friend (28%) or phoning a family member (20%).

UK parents have voted the following simple pleasures as their happiest moments:

1.       Cosying up to watch the latest episode of their favourite TV show (56%)

2.       Sinking into the pillow as they lay down to sleep (48%)

3.       Ticking off that long-awaited chore (47%)

4.       Pausing for a mid-morning cuppa (42%)

5.       Reading their book as they wind down at the end of the day (40%)

When it comes to the weekend, on average more than half of UK parents claim getting out the popcorn and enjoying a family movie-night is one of the essentials for a happy weekend (55%). It appears that family-movie nights are most treasured in Scotland however, with two thirds of Scottish parents upholding the event as the number one weekend winner (61%). For parents in the East, South East, and East Midlands, however, getting stuck in with a DIY or arts & craft activity with the kids trumps the movie-nights’ top-place as the ticket to a happy weekend (51% East, 53% South East, 54% East Midlands).

Moreover, it seems that small details have always mattered most, as when asked what their happiest childhood memories were, it is again revealed that the little things in life made us smile the most. Over half of UK parents identified being read a bedtime story as their happiest memory (54%), with riding their bike around the neighbourhood (54%) and building dens (41%) voted as some of the most fondly remembered outdoor activities.