100% Chance of Rain at Chickenshed Theatre

100% Chance of Rain is the latest spring production from Chickenshed Theatre the community theatre (small but great) in North London. Their productions tend to mirror current issues in society and this year the focus is on mental health.

100% Chance of Rain is created and directed by Lou Stein (the American director who founded the Gate Theatre in Notting Hill) and is made of various shorter pieces related to mental health individually and brought together through the character of the Art Therapist Liz Abulafia (Belinda McGuirk).

The various shorter segments that make up the play focus on areas such as self-harm, anxiety, depression and stress. Although the theme is very serious and delivered with a lot of empathy and understanding from the young actors there are also times when a jovial tone can be felt, especially nearing the end of the piece where the viewer is left uplifted with solutions and answers rather than without.

Our Young Londonist correspondent Jaida-Phoenix Thwaites-Brown (16) went along to Chickenshed to experience the show so we could offer a young person’s perspective on the performance and the themes explored within.

“Through an emotional, entertaining and inspiring show the production portrays different aspects of mental health through the use of people, sound, movement and colour.”

100% Chance of Rain touches on a lot of different issues around mental health, from the struggles of single parenthood through to addictions and social isolation.

“Chickenshed offers opportunities to express yourself no matter where you are from, your appearance or your past and I could see that through the talented variety of actors and actresses who had a huge impact on my experience of the event and my opinion of mental wellness.”  

This show definitely needs to be highlighted to schools to give the youth a better understanding of mental wellness in a creative way.”

100% Chance of Rain will be at Chickenshed Theatre until 30th March. Book tickets here.

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