Get creative in the kitchen this National Pizza Day.

With National Pizza Day taking place this Saturday (9th February), it’s the perfect opportunity to get the whole family involved with some culinary creations – plus it can save you some dough 🙂

Everybody loves pizza. Whether you’re stuffing your crust and not leaving ‘mush-room’ for dessert style pizzas, it’s a sure crowd pleaser. If you’re looking for inspiration for the most delicious, and maybe even unusual pizza recipes, Pinterest has lots of family-friendly recipes to help inspire you this National Pizza Day!

According to Pinterest searches on the site for “pizza recipes” are up by 101%. 

From pizza cakes to tortilla pizzas, For House and Home’s board has some easy pizza recipe ideas to inspire all of the family to get a slice of the action this year.

If you have special dietary requirements and are looking for gluten-free alternatives, Healthy Living James has a great board full of gluten-free recipes and inspiration.

And if your pizza is worthy of Instagram or Pinterest – ping it over to us – we’d love to see it.

Happy munching!